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KT1301 0.2mm2 unshielded alarm cable
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KT1301 0.2mm2 unshielded alarm cable
0.2mm2 Unshielded Alarm Cable
Wiring Burglar & Security alarms, public address systems,intercoms, 
telephone stations, speakers,instrumentation,control and other low voltage 
circuits that are power limited. 
Conductor 0.020"/0.50mm TC/BC/CCA/TCCA  
Shielded AL/PE FOIL  
Insulation 0.037"/0.95mm PVC  
Drain Wire TC/BC/CCA/TCCA  
Rip Cord Cotton Wire  
Outer jacket PVC(RoHs) flame retardant  
Structure of single shielded 0.2mm2 soft alarm cable 
Serial No. Section Specification Qverall Diameter
D-01 2*0.2mm2 2*1/0.50 3
D-02 4*0.2mm2 4*1/0.50 3.5
D-03 6*0.2mm2 6*1/0.50 4.2
D-04 8*0.2mm2 8*1/0.50 4.5
D-05 10*0.2mm2 10*1/0.50 5.3
D-06 12*0.2mm2 12*1/0.50 5.5
D-07 16*0.2mm2 16*1/0.50 6
D-08 24*0.2mm2 24*1/0.50 7.3
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