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KT2055 3Coaxial+5P+6C DVI CABLE
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KT2055 3Coaxial+5P+6C DVI CABLE
3Coaxial+5P+6C DVI Cable 
Construction Parameters:
  Inner Conductor 7/0.102mm Copper for silver-plated or tin-plated 28AWG
  Insulation1 HD-PE
  Insulation2 Foam-skin PE
  Dielectric 7.3mm
  Shield 1 Spread-wings Aluminum Mylar
  Shield 2 Aluminum Mylar
  Shield 3 Braid shield with Quad-Shielding
  Jacket Flexible PVC or free PVC matter
  Application DVD, EVD, HDVD, AMP, HDTV, LCD, Computer, etc.
Electrical Characteristics:
  Impedance Coaxial:75Ω  Pair:100Ω
  Pair Delay Skew 4.5 ns/m Braid Inner Pair:1.5ns Intra Pair:200ps
Frequency (MHZ)               Max Attenuation(dB/100ft)
1   0.015 
10   0.042 
50   0.08 
100   0.12 
200   0.18 
400   0.35 
600   0.45 
800   0.55 
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